Upgrading machines

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Do you have a machine which mechanically still meets the requirements, but for which the electronics are outdated and are no longer supported or available? Do not wait until something goes wrong and the machine becomes stationary for a longer period. Request a quotation for a control upgrade!

Experience with old electronics

You have come to the right place, because Oude Luttikhuis Engineering B.V. has been involved in the automation of machines for many years. We have extensive experience with all kinds of different ‘old’ electronics, communication protocols, etc. which have been around since the beginning of the automation revolution.

Speed and flexibility

Increase your production speed and flexibility. Developments in the world of automation move quickly. Often more can be done with the machine simply by installing new hardware. Production can be faster and more accurate through an upgrade of the controls. Other functions of the machine are also possible such as, for instance, an interface with an ERP package.

Examples of upgrades

Packaging line

At one of our customers we have replaced the mechanical axis control by a PLC with an HMI panel in combination with an encoder. This has made adjusting the machine much easier and flexible. Where in the past the cams on the axis had to be adjusted one by one, this can now be easily done via the HMI panel. The machine now also provides more information to the operator.

Control of accurate dispensing

For various customers in the wallpaper industry we have successfully replaced our old controls based on microcontrollers with new controls based on PLCs. Through good preparation and thorough testing in-house, practically all upgrades could be carried out within several days with a minimum standstill of the installation as a consequence.


We have replaced the outdated controls of a window frame production line with a modern solution. The old, no longer available, microcontrollers have been replaced by modern PLCs from Beckhoff and the old Beckhoff PC has been replaced with a new one. Through the application of modern hardware the old and slow serial communication protocol could also be replaced by a much faster Ethernet solution. This has made the machine a lot more reliable and flexible and it is now also possible to again obtain spare parts.

After-care and Service

Following the commissioning of the installation we naturally also provide the after-care.

New questions will arise as the operators work longer with the machine. These can often be easily answered by telephone or by email.
If required, we can also watch along with the operator via a remote VPN connection.
Your machine is delivered, but you would still like to have some slight adjustments made? No problem, we can often resolve this quickly and efficiently via a remote connection with the machine.
We have experience with servicing machines across the entire world. From Canada to Russia!

Personal meeting?

Have you become interested in our services? Please contact us for a personal non-binding meeting. This is always an important step, irrespective of which service you want to use.

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