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For our customers, mostly machine builders but also end users, we provide the complete execution of the electro-technical project.

Complete service and support

We carefully analyze your situation and wishes. There are several moments during the various phases in the project, when these wishes are checked and can be adjusted by mutual agreement. Also after delivery we can provide a comprehensive service so that you can continue to operate carefree.

Many years of experience

With us you benefit from the experience that we have acquired since 1993. We have extensive knowledge about many systems and therefore also know the specific advantages and disadvantages. By immediately making the correct choices our work will save you a lot of headaches and money.

You remain flexible

We are very flexible because we offer the complete package. For instance, should it appear during the commissioning that an additional sensor is necessary, we can quickly add this in the electrical diagram, connect it in the switch box and add it into the PLC software.

For your project we deliver


During the engineering phase we determine in which way the wishes of the customer can be satisfied. The objective is to produce an efficient and reliable machine.

Manufacture of switch boxes

We manufacture the switch boxes and operator panels ourselves. We can therefore always guarantee a proper and well-fitted switch box.

Delivery of field materials

If required, we also deliver suitable field materials such as various sensors, transducers, cables, cable ducts etc.

PLC software

The PLC is the heart of the machine. In order to satisfy a wide range of customer requirements we work with two suppliers of PLCs: Beckhoff and Siemens.

PC software

For more complex installations for which extensive HMI is necessary we make use of a PC. We write the software for the PC in Visual Studio.NET and MS-SQL databases. The PC can be integrated into the customer's network, so that orders can be given to the machine from the customer's ERP package. The management can also review the production results of the machine.

Commissioning machines

After cabling the machine at the customer or contractor's site we also put it into operation. Because our PLC programmers also understand electronics we can quickly respond at the last minute to the wishes of the customer.

Documentation package

We supply a documentation package with all our controls comprising an EC declaration of conformity, documentation and the CE and ATEX certificates of the used components, an electrical diagram with cable lists, bills of materials, terminal lists, panel drawings and a spare parts list.

Risk analysis

Safety within the machine guidelines has become increasingly important in recent years. If required, we can supply the results of our performance level (EN ISO 13849-1) or SIL (EN 62061) calculations of the electronic controls. We can also assist in producing the risk analysis for your machine. We have a special software package for this purpose.

Instruction for operators

During and after the commissioning of the machine our programmers instruct the future operators of the machine. Because our programmers have been involved during the entire process revolving around the construction and programming of the machine they know all the ins and outs of the machine and can therefore transfer this information to the operators.

After-care and Service

Following the commissioning of the installation we naturally also provide the after-care.

New questions will arise as the operators work longer with the machine. These can often be easily answered by telephone or by email.
If required, we can also watch along with the operator via a remote VPN connection.
Your machine is delivered, but you would still like to have some slight adjustments made? No problem, we can often resolve this quickly and efficiently via a remote connection with the machine.
We have experience with servicing machines across the entire world. From Canada to Russia!

Personal meeting?

Have you become interested in our services? Please contact us for a personal non-binding meeting. This is always an important step, irrespective of which service you want to use.

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